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Why Your Online Publicist?
We are just like any other companies, although we are composed of people from different walks of life, brought by our undying passion for books of different genres (be it a print material or an eBook). Our love for books has brought us all together, and we are ever so determined to make a point—to make a difference and keep the overall self-satisfaction of having been able to provide the true art of world-class quality service, and, most importantly, establish a solid bond of connection toward the people we admire most, the Authors.

You, Authors, have instilled so much knowledge and inspiration to us all. For this reason, we, too, want to ensure that you are pampered with the attention that you ought to have as a reward for the gift you have given to humanity—and, that is to be READ!

We are a team of goal-oriented individuals; thusly, we make promises with the determination to fulfill them, purely giving you realistic goals for realistic returns. You are the dream that most people desire to become, as it is not easy to write and/or redefine the borders of your thoughts. And, we would very much gladly be the one to take you back to reality, so you may see your book’s capabilities, and hear from other people, who have read your book, how they feel having your book in their hands. Then and only then will you see the price that we have envisioned for you even before we began the whole process of your book’s publicity. We will walk with you on this journey and we will only let go when we are no longer needed. As to reach a goal, we must be consistently determined to have you up on that pedestal of success.

We are and will be your steadfast publicist. So, come and join the team of individuals who work together to ensure quality in all aspects of your life’s journey with us. Not for us.

We are Your Online Publicist!