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Work Armour
Hi vis Workwear
26-28 Cyber Loop, Dandenong South VIC 3175
Dandenong VIC 3175
Work Armour Hi vis Workwear
Workarmour offers hi-vis workwear, safety workwear, chef uniforms, work boots and other protective gear that is designed to make construction and building sites safer while also providing workers with a maximum level of comfort. Workarmour understands that hardworking individuals need greater protection so they have provided hi-vis workwear that are lightweight, breathable, and highly visible when in direct sunlight.

Dandenong, VIC
When you purchase hi vis workwear from Workarmour you can trust that you are getting quality performance material that looks good both on site and offsite too!
Dandenong, VIC
Workarmour's workwear offers superior comfort through superior design and construction techniques specifically created to make life simpler on site
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