Shed 90, 9 Walker Street
The Mill Castlemaine, VIC 3450

Monday-Saturday 11-4

If dressing your children in all natural, quality clothing matters to you, then you should certainly visit Woollykins. This is a store founded by an Australian mother of three whose purpose was to provide her customers with high-quality organic merino wool clothing pieces that will keep children happy and healthy. Clothes, that will also allow children free movement to play and encourage independence and confidence in the great outdoors.

Beautifully knitted, ethically made and gentle on the skin, the Woollykins collection is breathable, nurturing, practical, easy to maintain, long-lasting and temperature regulating. All fabrics selected are sustainable and naturally renewable, coming from organically raised and farmed sheep. Besides wool, here you can also find clothes from other planet friendly plant-fibres like hemp, linen and organic cotton.

Besides an extensive selection of baby and kids clothing and underwear, here you can also find a large selection of wool accessories, 100% plastic-free cloth nappies, organic baby blankets, wool slippers, hats, merino sleepwear and more. In fact, Woollykins caters to the whole family with high-quality and durable adults clothing, merino thermals, all-natural wool slippers, organic wool socks and accessories designed for both men and women. To find out more, visit our website.

Joann Williams