Woohoo Body

Woohoo Body
12/75 Bailey Street
Adamstown, NSW 2289

"Woohoo! Natural Deodorant does the hard work of keeping you fresh and B.O free, so you can focus on moving your body and feeling freaking amazing.
Get Sweaty, Feel the Rush, Stay Fresh
Why is 'Woohoo! All Natural Deodorant Paste' so gosh darn fabulous?
1. All natural
2. Vegan and cruelty free
3. Australian made and owned
4. Aluminium salt and phthalate free
5. Contains 4 different odour busting ingredients
6. Fast acting, long lasting all day protection guaranteed
7. Rubs on clear – no white marks and no yellow stains
8. Non-greasy and non-sticky
9. Friendly for sensitive skin
10. Beautiful, subtle unisex fragrance using 100% pure essential oils with aromatherapy benefits
You can't go wrong ;)
We're a quirky husband and wife team from Newcastle. Drop us a line, we'd love to hear from you"

Aaron Breckell