Wide Bay Central Dental

Pialba, QLD 4655


Welcome to Wide Bay Central Dental clinic, a state of the art specialist and generalist practice in Pialba the heart of Hervey Bay.

Having proper, evenly spaced and bright teeth that make your smile impressionable is crucial. And, we at Wide Bay Central Dental Clinic are here for the same. Being the most trusted and best dental clinic in Hervey Bay, Qld, we specialize in delivering the following services: General dentistry – For all your general dental care related to teeth, gums, or any other oral diseases. Prosthodontics services – For the artificial restoration of your teeth through dental implants, cosmetics, bridges, dentures, crowns, veneers and etc. Periodontics services – For catering to periodontal disease and installation of dental implants. Children dentistry – For providing dental care to children of all ages, also we provide CBDS dental services to eligible families.

At Wide Bay Central Dental Clinic, we employ some of the most professional dentists in Hervey Bay, Qld having considerable years of experience. Not only these professionals, but there are accomplished oral hygienists and dental assistants too for providing comprehensive dental care. Additionally, state-of-the-art medical equipment aids in prompt diagnosis and accurate treatment.