WaterAid India

WaterAid India
2nd floor, RK Khanna Tennis Stadium, DLTA Complex
New Delhi

WaterAid, a non-profit organization that aims to help people from rural India and remote places to get proper access to clean drinking water, proper sanitation through well-built toilets, and hygiene. The team works through the year to accomplish these three goals along with different supporters and partners from all over the country. It is an NGO that was established in 1986. The organization seeks to help poor people from rural and urban areas who don't have access to drinking water, proper sanitation, and hygiene. These are considered to be the basic rights of humans and the community thrives to not stop until every citizen gets access to these basic necessities of life. The track record of the organization has been great so far as the community is expanding and we are expanding to the remotest areas of rural India. Villages of states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, etc now have access to clean drinking water as well as enjoying the rights to proper sanitation. Through our project, WASH, we seek to bring changes in the lives of people who are not aware enough to raise their voices. This project also aims to help school-going girls during the time of menstruation so that they can get access to all the facilities like proper water, sanitary napkins, and clean toilets. In the coming years, WaterAid looks forward to making every village of India disease-free.