Vivid Lights Cruises 2023 On Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour Lunch Cruises
King Street Wharf 5 32 The Promenade, King Street Wharf 5, Sydney NSW
Sydney, NSW 2000


Sydney Harbour transforms into an illuminated beauty of colours with its iconic attractions. For prime views of the Vivid highlights on the harbour, cruise aboard one of the Vivid Lights cruises. Soak in the kaleidoscope of hues on the sails of the Opera House and the pylons of the Harbour Bridge. Marvel at the spectacle of well-lit ferries, boats and cruises that line up in sync to the Vivid lights on Sydney Harbour.
Choose from the best cruise packages that are well-tailored according to your budget and time conveniences Each cruise has varied dining options. Purchase your drinks from the licensed bar. Choose what suits your taste.
It’s a Vivid spectator experience that is a cut above the rest. Book a cruise now!
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