Vazrick Nazari Ottawa

Ottawa , ON

Currently based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Dr. Vazrick Nazari is an evolutionary biologist and entomologist.
The University of Alberta awarded him an MSc in 2006 and the University of Guelph awarded him a Ph.D. in 2011. Among his main research areas are:
Biogeography and systematization of lepidopteran species. Besides entomology, his interest in cultural entomology includes cultural anthropology.
The importance of butterflies and moths to people throughout the world cannot be overstated.
He began collecting and studying butterflies during this period of fascination with butterflies. Numerous articles of his have appeared in leading scientific journals, such as Science and Nature, and he continues to seek answers to questions that pique his curiosity.
Vazrick advocates open access to science, and he consults for wildlife preservation organizations. As a way of coping with his mental illness, he enjoys helping people and volunteering for the homeless, and he hopes to one day start an NGO that focuses on victims of police brutality. He enjoys playing the guitar, reading, and watching movies in his free time.

Vazrick Nazari