Vasant Masala

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To provide "Mamta Jaisi Shuddhata", the spices of Vasant Masala maintain proper hygiene and delivers the best quality products. The quality of products are compared with the Mother's love. The species of Vasant Masala are just as pure as our Mother's love. And, just like the Mother's love is never compromised, the purity of Vasant Masala's spices is never compromised. Just like the Mother ensures that you are not contaminated by evil, Vasant Masala ensures that the spices delivered to you are not contaminated by pollution. Vasant Masala offers a variety of exotic spices that are as pure as the Mother’s love. Vasant Masala offers a wide range of Indian spices including Basic, Blended, Specialty, Whole, and Powdered like Chili Powder, Turmeric Powder, Coriander Powder, Strong Asafoetida, Chat Masala, Pavbhaji Masala, Panipuri Masala, Rajwadi Garam Masala, Fenugreek seeds, Fennel Seeds, Cumin Seeds, etc. The other recently launched blends are Tea Masala, Achar Masala, Meetha Achar Masala, KasuriMethi, immunity kavach kit, festive hampers, etc.

With the strong core value of Vasant Masala, established by Late. Shri Bapulal Bhandari, which includes providing 100% fresh & authentic spices to everyone, the spices became an instant hit among the natives. Currently, Vasant Masala is used by more than 30 million people all across the world. The journey of a home-based industry to one of the successful oldest spice manufacturing company was not entirely easy. There were lots of ups and downs faced by the company but, it was seamless efforts of everyone who has now bought the company to this height of success. No matter the situation, the company never compromised on the purity standards, authenticity, and freshness of the spices. This unique quality of Vasant Masala has made it one of the most sought-after spice brands of India among other countries like the US & UK.

Since its inception, Vasant Masala has maintained all its good qualities while introducing modern technologies in the process. The whole manufacturing process is looked after by the expert technicians who ensure that only the finest quality of products are produced. The Cool Grinding technology, which is used for the process does not require any human touch, and that ensures that there is no contamination in the spices. The company uses Cool Grinding Technology as spices processed through this method smells aromatic & elevates the incredible flavor and also keeps the flavor and taste intact over a long period.

During our 50+ years of experience, the flavor, and aroma of Vasant Masala spices have remained the same, since it was first introduced in the market. Started as the home-industry in 1970, Vasant Masala is now India's oldest spice manufacturers. The amazing aroma and flavors of Vasant Masala is now leaving its footprint on millions of households all around the world. Vasant Masala has a variety of species to add amazing zest to all your recipes be it an early-morning tea or late-night snacks.