Trophero Chess Club

51/9, 4th Layout, Near Children's Park, Kolathu
Chennai, Tamil Nadu

MONDAY-SUNDAY 09:00 to 20:00

Chennai is chess powerhouse. Trophero chess club delivers its share by creating international, national and state champions much credit to our learner-centered approach of training which revolves around player needs. World Chess Federation certified trainers cater to student's knowledge base instilling motivation and inspiration to go higher. At Trophero, European chess curriculum is promoted with emphasis on Project Based Learning. Trainers encourage pupil to embrace self learning at their pace meanwhile they monitor and mentor the entire process. We recommend players to participate regular tournaments. Wishing one day you will lift trophy and become hero.
At Trophero Chess Club, our mission is to provide our students challenging levels with an enjoyable learning experience in a positive, uplifting space. Our team is dedicated to delivering first-class results, and we understand the importance of a chess club that benefits every kid's brain, which is why we’re proud to specialize in personal training. All of our experienced personal trainers hold nationally recognized certifications and are here to help you achieve your chess goals. Whether you’re a pro player or just setting out on your chess journey, you have a place here at Trophero Chess Club.
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