Trilex Fix

Trilex Fix
P.O. Box 461
Eugene, OR 97440
United States

Triĺex Fix Repair Group LLC We specialize in Component Level Repair || iPhone Repair || Macbook Repair || Google Trusted!! || Phone Repair || Computer Repair || Gaming Console Repair || Retro Gaming || Gaming & Device Mods || PC Building || Gaming Rigs || Device Cleaning Services - Call For Quick Quote - (541) 204-0429 Visit us locally or we can come visit you and get your device repaired sometimes within the same hour. Our repair experts are equipped with 20+ years of experience in repair which allows us to provide quick & easy customer service. In all honesty I have been taking things apart for as long as I was able to walk. Give us a call for a quick rough quote at (541) 204-0429 We will also BUY your Unwanted Devices! Just give us a call and we can give you a Price Triĺex Fix was built to provide the best experience by using an informative, no-nonsense approach and working on your expectations before our comfort. We encourage you to shop around & I know that we as a business will never stop learning or adapting new repair methods in order to get you your device repair as efficiently as possible. In saying that our technicians have studied in New York & Shenzhen China with some of the best techs in the industry.