Trevon Branch Football Clinics of Maryland.

Trevon Branch Football Clinics of Maryland.
550 Eisenhower Dr
Frederick, MD 21703
United States

Mon - Sun 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Students learn the basics of football. They participate in a number of drills that teach proper technique for tackling on defense. They learn to catch the football regardless of what position they play on the football team. They learn how to avoid and cause fumbles. They learn how to recognize offensive and defensive formations. Some of our many football drills include: Running Back Drills, Quarterback Drills, Offensive Line Drills, Defensive Line Drills, Linebacker Drills, Wide Receiver Drills, Conditioning Drills, Tackling Drills, Agility Drills. Find our clinics in a number of places throughout Maryland. Our drill instructors study Trevon Moehrig and Trevon Diggs.