Touch Free Sanitisers

Touch Free Sanitisers
20-22 Wenlock Road
London, LND N1 7GU
United Kingdom

The Touch Free Sanitisers concept evolved from our personal experience with sanitiser dispenser systems that were not sturdy enough, or reliable. Doing away with dispenser systems and only using alcohol gel bottles was also not an ideal solution because every user has to touch the containers containing the disinfectant leading to increased risks of cross contamination, and the containers can easily be knocked over and broken, as they are plastic.

We wanted a robust, free standing and touch free dispenser that could truly be used day in day out in a commercial setting. After trying many different products, most of which were plastic and easily damaged, we decided to design our own sanitising station.

We’ve come up with a design that is simple to use and reliable. We avoided plastics, using steel instead to create products that are robust and hard-wearing. Assembly is truly minimal – just a handful of screws are needed to fully assemble the Touch Free Seiso models. Our Touch Free Swan model comes fully assembled. And with a solid build and stable base they can be placed outdoors just as easily as indoors.