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Topographical survey companies in Marathahalli. topographic or topographical land survey shows the height, depth, size and location of any manmade or natural features on a given parcel of land, as well as the changes or contours in elevation throughout the parcel. While boundary surveys focus on horizontal measurements, topographic surveys are about elevation.To conduct a topographic survey, a surveying-quality global positioning system (GPS) unit and an electronic distance measurement (EDM) total station theodolite (TST) are used to determine the locations of features shown on the plan. A topographic survey shows existing features, property lines, and contour lines that indicate the lay of the land.When companies begin their right of way acquisition process, they must conduct a variety of surveys, including topographic surveys. Their projects can’t be successful if the elevation and features of a parcel of land are not accounted for in the development, improvement or construction plans. While topographic surveys may not provide the same kind of image of a property as others, they’re irreplaceable because the details they provide can completely alter plans to build.Topographic surveys show elevation and land forms and have a myriad of practical applications. Though the number of surveys to conduct before beginning a project may be large, topography is vital and cannot be overlooked. If you’re looking to begin a project and conduct topographic or other surveys, contact us today.Topographic surveys were created in series to serve as the basis for larger topographic maps. Performed on a large scale, these surveys were meant to show elevations and landforms not listed on traditional maps and surveys. IF you are interested for demo pls contact us +918296698585