Tipico Express

dominican restaurant near me
760A Lydig Ave
Bronx, NY 10462
United States

Monday to Monday, 11am to 9pm

Dominican Republic, close to home.
Are you craving homemade Dominican food but aren’t really fond of cooking? We got your back. At Típico Express, you’ll feel at home from the first bite.
We cook and serve our dishes just like our Dominicana families used to, using only the freshest ingredients and traditional techniques to create wonderful taste combinations. From Mofonguitos, Tostones Rellenos, and Quesadillas to Caribbean-style prepared Chicken and Fish delicacies; the most delicious Dominican and Caribbean Food is just one phone call away!
We’re just a few blocks away from the Bronx Zoo, the New York Botanical garden, and Little Yemen, so if you stop by, you might as well call it a day off and tour the city while eating delicious food, of course!
Come meet us!