The Wedding Society

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The Wedding Society is an online wedding vendor directory for kickass industry leaders who offer amazing products and services to marrying couples!

From Wedding Celebrants, Florists, Wedding Entertainment, Musicians, Wedding Venues, and everything in between. Any vendor is welcome to create a directory listing and advertise with us.

If you’re a celebrant, we also have a professional association, The Celebrant Society, where celebrants can find a community of like-minded legends to help you grow your business and your fine self.

So, where did it all begin you may ask? With two wedding celebrants, Anna and Sarah, who met and bonded over a mutual love of cocktails, terrible dance moves, weddings and a genuine respect for fellow human beings.

Together, we created an amazing community that massively changed the wedding world in Australia by improving the job satisfaction of sole traders and changing the benchmark for weddings in general. We live and breathe community over competition and invite you to take a look at our directory today.