The Malik Adam James Foundation

The Malik Adam James Foundation
493 Baldwin Avenue
Baldwin, NY 11510
United States

The Malik Adam James Foundation was founded to help put a stop to the growing epidemic of mindless gun violence plaguing the country. We believe in implementing the strongest form of change by communicating with citizens and the surrounding community to listen to their concerns. Our team is filled with strong advocates against gun violence, making us ideal for inciting change in our nation.

Founder of The Malik Adam James Foundation, Tuwanna Anderson, lost her son, Malik Adam James on February 14th, 2010. He was taken in a horrifying act of gun violence that is unfortunately not uncommon in the U.S. These kinds of deadly attacks run rampant throughout the country and have changed and ended the lives of many. Following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida in which 17 people lost their lives, and 17 mothers were forced to grieve for their children, The Malik Adam James Foundation was created.

With a commitment to spreading a message of peace, and to spark true change in the country, we seek to implement outreach to local communities across the country. A founding principal of our foundation is that no mother should have to bury their child, and we are passionate about inciting the change necessary to put an end to senseless gun violence.

Our mission is to get to the root of the problem and educate and communicate with local communities to stop these violent acts against one another. The constant misuse of firearms is a humanitarian crisis, and it is our duty to fight against it. Through love and compassion, we will work toward a better future.

To learn more about The Malik Adam James Foundation, or to donate to a worthy, truly blessed cause, contact us today. Our outreach programs aim to save lives and eliminate the normalcy of loss of life due to gun violence.

The Malik Adam James Foundation
493 Baldwin Avenue
Baldwin, NY 11510

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