The Kashmir Monitor

The Kashmir Monitor
1, Regal Chowk, Press Colony
Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir


The Kashmir Monitor is daily published from Kashmir, which has historically been a meeting point of diverse civilizations and thoughts. Focusing on online, video and data journalism on its digital extension, the content produced and published is not just news within a specific region, but cuts across borders and nationalities, connecting issues that are common and contextualizing them in a global scenario.

The Kashmir Monitor strives to bring you news, views, analysis, opinions and reviews that cover politics, culture and peoples’ stories from local narratives through global phenomenons on a digital platform. By digital, we mean that stories would be brought to life through an audio-visual medium, podcasts, interviews and panel discussions.

Kashmir is a region with diverse communities with over ten million people and overlapping social, cultural and religious practices. There are many voices which work in different spheres. The Kashmir Monitor strives to connect, analyze, and criticize those voices on a digital medium while maintaining professional standards and ethical positions.

The Kashmir Monitor