The Better Earthlings

The Better Earthlings
515, Bidhan pally road, Garia, Kolkata 700084

By 2030 human population is expected to reach 8 billion, meaning more demand, consumption, and waste. Humans are already shaping the climate and are in denial. The Better Earthlings are created to make people aware of mindful living, stop making our planet a dump yard, and livable for every earthling!

Did you know each year more than 60 million tonnes of waste are generated in India alone, a global estimated figure is likely to reach ……. By 2030 if goes unchecked.

Our team is dedicated to curating the best possible products and methods to reduce waste on your premises. We also make sure the little waste generated reaches the right destination.

We do awareness programs as we believe in more and more people should start living with less waste if not zero. We envision eliminating single-use plastic from our daily life. Unrealistic goal ever, right? (Not really if we think one stream at a time.) but you and The Better Earthlings are taking on it.

Businesses create 10 times more waste than individuals. We aim to create awareness and eliminate plastic waste from businesses.

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The Better Earthlings