Technik Homes

80 - 82 Wingfield Road
Wingfield, SA 5013


Technik Homes is a reliable family-owned and operated business offering complete turnkey and custom home design solutions to potential customers throughout Adelaide and surrounding areas. We have a history of excellent home builders in Adelaide and tend to keep it that way, as we know that respect is hard to earn, but lost very easily. Our services combine functional building work with the aesthetic final touches and furnishing.

Our team of luxury home builders in the Adelaide area can satisfy every caprice so that your dream house has no competition. At Technik Homes, we understand that the acquisition of a home you can call your own is one of the most important purchases in your life. We are professionals that value the relationship with our clients and always provide a personal commitment.

Our passion for building leads us to creating fascinating luxury designed homes that will be always impressive. Our determination to amaze is the secret behind many warm homes. Our aim as professional home builders in Adelaide is to provide a living space best tailored for your preferences.

Whether you prefer a custom design that you always dreamt of or a complete turnkey solution – we can provide the needed result. Give us a call today at 0450 480 849 or simply drop a message at

Technik Homes