TATA Steel SmartFab - Welded Wire Mesh Manufacturer

Tata Steel Smart Fab
Sigapi Achi Building, OFFICE, Behind Air India, Eg Egmore

Sm@rtFAB is India’s first branded Welded Wire Fabric (WWF), also known as welded wire mesh. It is a premium offering by TATA Steel. It is a cold-worked, ribbed, electrically fused wire fabric, that can be used in concrete reinforcements, leading to optimum steel usage close to the actual design, thus reducing steel intensity and leading to cost and time savings. Sm@rtFAB provides an increase in speed of construction, material cost reduction, labour productivity enhancement, effective site management and better-quality assurance. This Tata Steel welded wire mesh for concrete slabs saves slab-to-slab casting time, optimizes design, helps builders work smarter and provides top-notch quality assurance.

Tata Steel Smart Fab