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TargetX is a cloud based admissions platform which can handle all the stages of the admission process fully online, without requiring the students to visit campus physically. it is based on the idea of bringing admission seeking students and academic institutions together in an online space where they can interact and follow all the admission procedures.

TargetX has been derived from the Admissions Module of LSAcademia which is being used by several prominent institutes and universities for more than a decade. TargetX covers the entire admission journey starting from application form filling, shortlisting of applicants, generation of merit lists, verification of documents and receiving 1st fee payment. TargetX is available 24X7 and takes online admissions to the next level with extensive digital outreach, making entire process responsive at every stage. It also has a CRM module for lead management.

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1. Students & Institutes can easily manage their admission set up.
2. Students & Institutes can conduct the entire admission processes online.

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* To get all the information about institutions and their admission process in one place.
* To Get timely alerts about upcoming and ongoing admissions.
* To conveniently apply for admissions in their preferred institutes.
* To get automatic updates on the status of their applications.
* To complete all the admission formalities online without the need to visit the campus.
* To get latest updates from education domain through blogs and webinars.
* Simplified steps for the entire admission cycle; online form submission till final enrolment.
* Premier institutes and universities join hands with TargetX to automate their Admissions.

Higher Education

Gurgaon, Haryana

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