Synergy Vision

Synergy Vision
1 Gregory Hills Drive Suite 5 Unit 18 Level 1
Sydney, NSW 2557

Monday to Friday 8:30am–4:30pm

Synergy Vision provides Disability Support Services to NDIS participants. With experience working for the NDIS, we know the ins and outs as well as providing all the answers to your questions. Operating out of Sydney’s South West, we cover the majority of the Sydney region providing support services to all members of the NDIS. With a growing team of over 50 support staff and trained AIN's, we offer the highest level of service when it comes to Support Coordination. AND WE COME TO YOU!.

At Synergy Vision, we strive for perfection and thrive from success stories. We hold our core values up high and always ensure that the service provided is personally tailored to the individual client. We operate as a family and our clients are no exception. Everyone has a voice and we encourage our clients to share theirs.

We like to operate with a more personal touch than your average Support Coordinator. Upon taking on a new client, consultations are performed to ensure we are providing a service that is customised for each and every person. Not one client is the same, we understand and account for this.

Synergy Vision was founded in October 2017. In that short time, we have developed relationships with over 150 clients and set them on a road to success. Every client that we have had the pleasure of servicing has set specific goals and are now working their way to achieving them.