Sydney Sports Podiatry

Sydney Sports Podiatry
12 O’Connell St
Sydney, NSW 2000

Sydney Sports Podiatry is one of the leading sports podiatry clinics in Sydney. We have a dedicated team of specialists having expertise in diagnosing and treating any foot and lower leg related problems caused by a sports injury. We perform a full biomechanical assessment that includes video gait analysis. This analysis helps us diagnose your problem and the origin of the problem. Our experts are skilled professionals who can prescribe which shoe sportsmen should wear after a specific kind of injury.

We have come up with a bunch of vital podiatric services for you. These services are:

• Digital gait assessment

• Shockwave therapy

• Custom orthotics

• General podiatry

• Heel pain

• Garrison health

• Common conditions

This is not the end! We will provide you with taping, padding, and strapping services, stretching, and strengthening programs, massage, and dry needling requirements, etc. To get an appointment, visit-

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