Swimming Pool Heater

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"Reap the Benefits of your Pool all Year-Round with Madimack’s Pool Heat Pump

A swimming pool heater uses electricity to operate - These heat pumps “transfer” or “pump” heat from one place to another. Working like a reverse air conditioner, the units extract the heat from the outside air and transfer it to the pool water. This method of Renewable heat transfer is proven to be the most efficient form of pool heating. Madimack’s inverter pool heat pumps are designed for Australian conditions by taking advantage of the mild climate and high humidity. They produce best in class efficiency to keep your pool warm for when you need it.

We are the best rated pool heat pumps in Australia. We are known for delivering heat pump units with full inverter technology, highest efficiency, which are also compatible with Solar PV. If you are looking to buy a heat pump that meets your budget and comes with a longer lifespan, then explore the residential heat pump units available at Madimack- https://www.madimack.com.au/residential-pool-heat-pumps
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