Sustainable Materials Company

North West House, 119-127 Marylebone Rd, London NW1 5PU, United Kingdom
London, LND NW1 5PU
United Kingdom

We are a sustainable materials company based in the UK, which uses green technology to create sustainable products that save the environment. Instead of wood-fibre and fuel-based plastics, we innovate by using reclaimed agricultural waste as the raw material to make a wide variety of printing and packaging products in a carbon-neutral process.

Our products perform the same functions as our unsustainable counterparts, but at a fraction of the environmental cost. By putting people and the planet before profits, we create extra income for local farmers, helps countries and corporations reduce their carbon footprint and play an active part in the global effort against climate change.

Our belief: everything which is made from fossil fuels or tree-based materials today, can be made from waste tomorrow. Our vision is to protect and preserve the environment. We want to move towards green manufacturing for a cleaner environment and make everything that’s made from fossil-based or tree-based materials today to agri-waste material tomorrow.