Steel Shots

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These steel cut wire shots are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel and are available
in three different grades. They have superior durability than cast steel shot and are available in
different customized forms and specifications. In addition to being durable, they do not produce
dust or scales, which is ideal for shot peening. These shots are available in various shapes,
sizes, and colors. These advantages make them the preferred choice for many applications. You
can also customize your own steel shot by choosing the size and shape of the cut wire that fits
your application best.
Copper cut wire shot is manufactured from copper or brass wire with a Cu58%-99%
composition. It can be shaped into spheroids and round balls. These metal shot are mainly
classified into three basic grades: fine, medium, and coarse. These wire shot are mainly used to
remove oxidation and reduce defects before painting metal surfaces. Copper cut wire shot is
also used for precision casting and precision manufacturing, machine making, automobile spare
parts, and pump valve industry.