Steel Shots

airoshot industry
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Steel shot patterns more tightly than lead
Although the two types of shot are similar in appearance, steel shot tends to have a more
compact pattern, as it has lower down-range and muzzle velocities. Compared to lead shot, steel
pellets are also smaller, resulting in a narrower shot column and fewer straggling pellets. But
before you make the switch to steel shot, be sure to learn about their differences, and what they
mean for you.
It is lighter
Although steel shot is lighter than lead, there are several differences between lead and steel
loads. Lead loads are more dense, and they also travel farther in windy conditions. The
advantage of lead is its greater penetration, but steel shot has an unstable pattern and doesn't
cut as well through air. Consequently, steel shot has less energy to exert upon its target.
However, both lead and steel shot have their advantages. Listed below are some of the
differences between lead and steel shot.