Spilt Milk Bar
45 Sale Street
Orange, NSW, NSW 2800

Bespoke. Pure. Natural. Honest. Perfect.
Sorbet or the Milky Way?
We're out to change the counter culture. We're churning with an Aussie mindset: no pretense, just love and dedication.
Cow to Cone.
Rogue Revivers taking all we loved about the ol' milk bar and blending it with a tasteful sense of purpose. We source and celebrate our local ingredients, challenge through bold flavour ingenuity, and leave the weight of the Italian tradition and stereotypes in the dust.
100% Natural Aussie Ingredients.
Spilt Milk Bar is on wheels and we can roll right up to your special celebration. Provide your guests with a unique and delicious experience, brought to you in our beautifully appointed and magically expandable mobile gelato.
Every event is unique which is why we take pride in personalising your gelato experience.
Our minimum hire is $1,500 plus Gst and $1.00 per KM for transportation of the Apé.
Senior Discounts Available
Student Discounts Available