Skin Devour

Skin Devour
793 Burke Road camberwell place shopping centre
Camberwell,VIC,3124, VIC 3124

Mon-Wed (9am-5pm), Thursday (9am-7pm), Friday (9am-5pm) & Saturday (9am-5pm)

At Skindevour, we are in the personal services industry and NOT the beauty industry. We know that no woman thinks she is beautiful, and in fact more often than not, is her own worst enemy and men, well, quite simply don’t aspire to be beautiful.

We know we won’t change society’s definition of beauty but we can start shifting the conversation – there is beauty in everyone and the only beauty we see is in the real-life people we serve.

We are obsessed with skin health and it all starts with feeling good about how you look and accepting who you are – loving the skin you’re in!

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business and our focus is to make positive affects to those around us that can last a lifetime.