Shiraz Fine Wine and Gourmet

675 Pulaski St STE 400
Athens, GA 30601
United States


Great wines, local cheeses, gourmet selections, and a friendly and knowledgeable staff await you at this lovely shop in The Leathers Building. Browse a hand-picked selection of over 600 wines at all price ranges, a wide array of gourmet food items, and a beautiful selection of food-related accessories including Le Creuset cookware. Select specialty wines, beautiful objects, and gourmet food with great value will rotate on a regular basis to keep your house and pantry fresh and exciting. Whether you're looking for a bottle for dinner tonight, something gourmet to dress up appetizers for guests, or a special gift, Shiraz Fine Wine and Gourmet is sure to have what you need and more. Try one of our wine or cheese clubs and have our best values every single month.