Shahji Marine

Shahji Marine
Plot No: 2564, Block No -7, Jamnakund, Gulshan Tenement


Shahji Marine is a trusted firm to buy CENTRIFUGE & SEPARATOR SPARES. Since 2005 Shahji Marine is an honest dealer/trader for marine and industrial equipment. Most of our customers are repeats us.

SHAHJI MARINE offers high-quality Centrifuges, Separators, Purifiers, and spare parts for high-speed disc centrifuges manufactured by WSK, Alfa Laval, Mitsubishi, GEA Westfalia, and other brands available upon request. We offer all kinds of Marine and Industrial Overhauled, Recondition Oil Separator for Purification of Diesel, Lubricating Oil, H.F.O, and for much industrial use like Virgin Coconut oil. we are purchasing oil purifiers or separators and original or OEM spares from the yard, and then we are reconditioning purifiers at our wear house, our wear house located in India.

When you order a Product from us, you’ll receive extremely good value for money, first-class quality products, and delivery even at short notice.

We have got a great reputation in exporting all types of marine/Industrial machinery and its spare parts & all other marine items. We working hard, heartily, and honestly to give satisfactory services to our valuable customers which is the main aim of our company. Extensive service and spares support throughout India in cities across supported by a network of dealers are what sets us apart from the competition.

Shahji Marine