Scott Shaheen Personal Training

Scott Shaheen Personal Training
861 Warwick St
Woodstock, ON N4S 4R6


Scott Shaheen Personal Training in Woodstock Ontario. Specializing in Personal Training, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching. From posture and movement assessments to program design and workout delivery, I will guide you step by step through a personalized program that will help you move, look and feel your best. Reduce your common aches and pains by addressing muscle imbalances and mobility concerns. Learn how to perform daily stretching and correctional exercises that will allow you to use your body for the things you love doing. Eliminate Aches, Pains & Restrictions. This amazing full body, table based assisted stretching system will help to reset and restore how your body feels and moves by eliminating aches, pains and muscle tension caused by stress, poor posture and improper movement mechanics. Increase recovery time from injuries or strenuous workouts or prevent injuries before they happen. This treatment will increase workout efficiency by allowing for improved flexibility, range of motion and mind muscle connectivity. Truly unlike any other hands on treatment out there – set yourself free with FST! Fuel Your Body & Your Mind. Nutrition can be an overwhelming topic to understand. There is no one-size fits all solution here. Allow me to simplify the basics of what makes for a well-rounded plan with your nutrition that will help you improve body composition, boost energy and your ability to perform and recover from your physical activity. As you age, your environment and daily stresses change – so must your nutrition. Regardless your stage of life, I can help you find what works best for YOU!
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