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At Schott Law, we are dedicated to helping you and your family get the government benefits you deserve. You can count on us to always treat you with respect and honesty while we work together.

Social Security Disability is a federal insurance program created by the United States government and managed by the Social Security Administration (SSA). It is funded by payroll taxes and provides income supplements to those who are no longer able to work as a result of a disability. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is also a federal program funded by tax revenues and is intended to provide financial assistance to low-income individuals who need help affording food, clothing, and/or shelter.

Applying for SSDI or SSI benefits can be a challenging and complicated process, and it’s common for first-time applications to be denied. At Schott Law, our dedicated legal team is committed to working closely with each of our clients to determine their eligibility, prepare a successful application, and, if necessary, pursue an appeal. Whatever the specifics of your situation may be, we’re here to help you access your hard-earned benefits.