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SAP Evaluation(s), LLC
1295 Terrell Mill Road, Suite 104, Marietta, GA 30
Marietta GA 30067, GA 30067
United States

Operating Hours 9am - 6pm (Monday - Friday) 9am - 5pm (Saturday)

At SAP Evaluation, LLC, you can find the solution for your issues. We are a team of qualified and certified Counselors. A counselor is a professional who helps people with substance abuse problems. Counselors may be qualified in one or more of the following areas: alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gambling, sexual addiction and eating disorders. A counselor’s job is to help people understand their substance use and to provide them with the skills they need to change their behaviors. Counselors may also work on a prevention level by educating the public about the risks of substance use and abuse.


SAP Evaluation