Rox Services

Rox Services
5 Centerpointe Drive
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
United States

Herve Yoga CEO and Founder /Rox Services

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CRFP, FMP, etc.
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As the CEO and Founder of Rox Services, a locally owned commercial foodservice equipment and refrigeration repair and maintenance company, Herve Yoga leads a team of highly certified specialists with a collective passion for the highest levels of excellence. His team’s mission is to quickly and accurately diagnose technical and mechanical problems for the Portland metro region businesses with commercial refrigeration and cooking equipment. Herve’s customers include restaurants, hotels, assisted-living facilities, convenience stores, grocery stores, wineries, and more.

Herve’s formal technical and mechanical training includes a BASc in civil engineering as well as numerous industry certifications. While fixing broken equipment is a personal passion for Herve, he stresses the need for proactive, planned maintenance. “It is key to properly ensure all your equipment is working smoothly. It will also extend the life of your valuable equipment. I need to stress the importance of this.”

Herve’s team services all the equipment in foodservice and across all major manufacturers. Refrigeration and refrigeration rep stations, upright coolers, upright freezers, walk-in coolers and freezers as well as convection ovens and ranges, ice machines, dishwashers, mixers, steam tables are just a few examples.

Herve explained the process at Rox Services is customer-centric. The immediate goal is always to solve or diagnose the problem on the first visit. If Rox Services cannot fix your problem on the spot, we provide an estimate, and with your approval, quickly order your parts and schedule your repair with one of our 10 technicians, including Herve.

And because the equipment doesn’t always break down during normal business hours, Rox Services provide 24/7 emergency services: 503-509-2026. As Rox Services is a family-owned business, you’ll be greeted by Herve’s lovely wife, Roxane, the namesake of his company and a Southern cook, who makes a very good gumbo.

Herve is an outwardly focused guy whose personal story began in Cameroon many years ago. He immigrated to America, settling in New Orleans and working as a handyman as he completed his citizenship studies and industry certifications. Oregon called to him and he put his roots down in Portland years go. “I am honored to pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all,” Herve said. “I am living my dream, the American dream. It makes me so excited to build my own business and to be able to create opportunities for my fellow Americans,”he said referencing his team.