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al adel automatic door
P.O. BOX : 34647, SHARJAH - UAE
dubai, SH  34647
United Arab Emirates

At AL ADEL AUTO DOORS as the manufacturer of automatic swing gates in UAE, we seek to provide organizations with the latest technology and to fill the current void in the access control industry by providing solutions that improve daily life and safe physical premises. Our revolutionary technologies meet your physical safety requirements and exceed them, not only with the world's latest products, but also through strategic consultations that deliver actionable intelligence.

Founded as a one-stop manufacturer for companies offering specialized physical security services, AL ADEL AUTO DOORS was developed by passionate technology professionals. We are a manufacturer for a wide variety of products including solution & services for access control, biometrics, electromagnetic locks, door automation, automatic swing gates and automated parking management solutions. We help you develop essential security management infrastructure, which can provide you with precision when defining and monitoring times and transform conventional doors into intelligent access systems.

Features of Our Products

Using high quality steel for all sliding door components
Designed to suit the unique needs of the single or double slopes
Usage of the highest nylon rollers that guarantee smooth operation
You don't have to push electric devices manually as they allow automatic and close functions
CNC top and bottom rollers are of high quality
Also available for comfortable use with integrated hinged / sliding form
Usage of the new automation and energy management technologies In case of power failure, sliding gates can also be manually controlled
There is separate control to stop the door as it moves
Each end is supplied with a powerful stop to absorb any impact and hold the door when there is an emergency
Built to conserve space adaptable to any structural situation Efficient and maintenance performance