Riti Rivaaj - Best online grocery Store in Delhi

Riti Rivaaj
Metro Pillar Number 42, Vikas Marg, Block A, Shaka
New Delhi

9.00 A.M To 6.00 P.M

Riti Rivaaj is an integrated best fresh online grocery Store in Delhi - Inda that serves the customers with high quality food products. Our range of products include fresh Daal and Ghee, Spices, Buffalo Milk and other grocery products.

At Riti-Rivaaj, We offers Unpolished Toor Dal, Arhar Dal, Chana Dal, Sabut Urda Dal, Moong Dal, Dhuli Urad Dal, Masoor Dal, Best Basmati Rice, Flour, Spices, Hing & A2 Cow Milk & Ghee, Buffalo Milk, Paneer, & much more.
Open Sundays