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Rimshot Tshirts
1529 Tuley St.
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United States

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Printed T-shirts should never go of style. Retro printed T’s from the 70s linger in our parents’ closets and in thrift stores where the younger generations still respond to their authenticity. Band names, album art, favorite sayings, and non-sequiturs against a funky background all look good printed on the front of a high-quality T-shirt. Luckily, there’s still a way to achieve this nostalgic look without sacrificing comfort for the mass-produced, low-quality fabrics of a modern world so focused on fast fashion. Rimshot T-shirts has been designing and screen-printing high-quality T’s in Dallas, Texas since 1994. Our graphic design artist, John, has built a reputation for producing high-end, dependable prints with an eye for quality design. He delivers unique and creative designs with an emphasis on individuality and attention to the customer’s personal taste. We offer bagging, custom tag prints, blind shipping, and customized apparel design. We’ve got shirts, hoodies, tanks, polos, towels, bags, backpacks, and more. Whatever you choose, rest assured -- these T’s are not generic nor cookie-cutter. Like the retro T’s of the past, the authenticity of Rimshot T-shirts resonates with those looking to express their individual flair. Check us out at https://rimshotshirts.com to see what we can do for you.