ReWiser Education Pvt. Ltd.

ReWiser Education Pvt. Ltd.
F2, 99/D, KHB Colony, 5th Block Koramangala

ReWiser is committed to providing students with the skills necessary to achieve academic success. Our programs are designed to help each student attain full academic potential.
In order to use classroom instructions effectively, students need to put in many hours of work outside of class (before and after) to understand the concepts being taught. While it is important to know what to study it is even more important to learn how to study so that all these hours are spent wisely.
We work with students and help them connect the dots ahead. We enable students to plan their journey, understand the need for doing so and help them execute this complicated journey navigating through the numerous distractions which restrain their progress at every step.
During grades 9 to 12, about 75% of a student’s time goes toward academics. We work with them helping them identify the tasks that need completion in each subject. During these crucial years, they cannot afford to drop the ball where academics is concerned. We, therefore, provide full academic support and while coaching them; the skills required to achieve this plan.
Our aim is to reduce the percentage of external help that students use to achieve their academic goals. We help them gain confidence and equip themselves with skills on how to attempt a task with full sincerity, executed it to a higher level of excellence, and do this consistently. The student starts to reduce the percentage of external help, slowly wean off dependencies, and start relying on their own skills to achieve their academic targets. They learn to work independently and not depend on external sources. This not only gets them ready for college but also creates a better work ethic and makes them far more self-reliant.
If you would like to know more about our modules or would like to help us in achieving our end objective, do visit our website and drop us a message.
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