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128 Queen St S
Mississauga, ON L5M 1K8

Monday 7:00 AM–1:30 PM; Tuesday Closed; Wednesday closed; Thursday 7:00 AM–1:30 PM; Friday 7:00 AM–1:30 PM; Saturday 7:00 AM–1:30 PM; Sunday 7:00 AM–1:30 PM

EZBoxes rents green, plastic moving boxes to people moving around the Greater Toronto Area. You’ll save money, time, and protect your stuff and the planet.

EZBoxes are designed to stack well – they won’t slip off, and cause an avalanche the way cheap cardboard boxes tend to. EZBoxes are made of durable plastic which is crush-proof, and water-resistant. You know how with paper boxes, you have to find the end of the packing tape and build the box, only to have to do it again when you want to close it up? Never mind if you forget what’s in one, or want to add something to a closed box. EZBoxes have attached lids that are easy to open and they securely close. Another problem with cardboard reuse is that the paper-based material makes a nice home for bedbugs and other insects. Do you really want to share bed linen with the last guy that used your cardboard box? Rest assured that when you rent moving boxes from us, they are thoroughly cleaned and hand wiped after each use (with an environmentally friendly solution, of course!). Visit our website:-

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