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What you choose is something special to you. Take the time to see what draws your eyes, what kind of lines you appreciate more, and what engages you and your senses. As well as looking at something and enjoying it, does it make you want to trace an outline, or enjoy the texture of the waves and the sea? Will the colours work in the setting you want to place them in? While you explore what is beautiful to you at Rendrr you can also support our artists, be a part of them being discovered by other people and welcome their work into your space.

Affordable and quality artwork
Too often when you see a painting you like it is not something you can afford, and the cheaper options are not the quality you want. With a site or platform like ours, we can ensure the artists get fair payment for their outstanding work while customers get best prices still. Buying online is a great way to explore different art styles as well. Where else can you get modern and abstract art in the same place as something more conventional and traditional? All for fantastic prices you will not see in any art gallery!

Start exploring your options!
With just a few clicks you can take a journey, explore some amazing handmade paintings, and find the artwork that will create the atmosphere and look you have been wanting to create. Look no further and select from our 6000+ artworks and enjoy free NZ-wide shipping, as well as our no questions, asked, 7 days return policy!