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Redeem Health & Chiropractic offers a variety of holistic products and services intended to reduce stress on a person's mind, body, and emotions.
We are committed to providing chiropractic & wellness solutions to address your unique needs.
Whether you are experiencing back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, numbness, tingling, or muscle tightness and tension.
If pain, numbness, or stress interfere with your daily life, our unique R3 Method of Care is an effective nonsurgical solution for pain and optimal wellness.
And if you are looking to improve your overall health, we can help you live your best life!
Your body is fearfully and wonderfully made to adapt to its environment and recover from the stresses of surviving life. But what happens when your body becomes overwhelmed by these stresses? Most practitioners simply refer to and treat your abnormal behaviors, pain or symptoms as “pathology” – assuming that the body is somehow malfunctioning or breaking down in a way that it shouldn’t be.
Here at Redeem Health & Chiropractic we consider your pain, symptoms, and negative behaviors to be ADAPTIVE PHYSIOLOGY. In simple terms, this means that we believe your body is doing exactly what is designed to do when presented with real or perceived stresses – it’s adapting to its environment.
Similar to the way that a rubber band retains its shape after being stretched (applied stress), our bodies are designed to adapt physiologically to the surrounding environment and then recover, once the threat has been removed.
The Redeem Health & Chiropractic philosophy on healthcare, products, and services all revolve around helping your body adapt more effectively to stress, helping you identify lifestyle or environmental stressors that to be addressed, and also help train your mind and body to recover effectively once these stresses have been handled.
We aim to serve those in the community who desire relief from pain and symptoms and wish to boost their overall resilience. Simply put, we exist to help you find balance.

Dr. Pete Sulack