Redcat Lightning STK RC Car

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71 Garden Ave #08823, Franklin Park, NJ 07001, Uni
Franklin Lakes, AL 08873
United States

These racing cars run on batteries that you can charge and use again and again with durability and maximum sustenance. The Redcat RC car has a 1/10 scale and is driven by a shaft. Ball bearings are installed throughout the RC cars. The body parts of Redcat RC cars are made up of w/aluminum which protects them from rear and tear.

Another splendid feature of this RC car is that you can easily adjust the height and can enjoy every racing. The shocks and suspension of these RC cars are tunable. The RC cars are laced with LED lights which allow the user to use them even in low light conditions. The waterproof body parts of the RC car allow you to enjoy your racing during bad weather conditions.
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