Realigned Chiropractic Healthcare

Realigned Chiropractic Healthcare
Tenancy 5, Room 3, Level 1/1205 Canterbury Road
Roselands, NSW 2195

Monday 8 am–12 pm Tuesday 2:30–7 pm Wednesday 8 am–12 pm Thursday 2:30–7 pm Friday 8:30–11:30 am Saturday Closed Sunday Closed

Get the best treatment for Lower Back Pain in Roselands at Realigned Chiropractic Healthcare. Providing high quality, evidence based, Chiropractic Healthcare. Treating a large range of health conditions by maximising the potential of our patients Nervous System. We specialize in finding the root cause of our patients problems and achieving long lasting results. We understand the complexities and stress of everyday life and aim to educate our patients on how to combat this to stay healthy.