React Workout

React Workout
5454 Wisconsin Av suite 1600
Chevy Chase, MD 20815
United States

How is the Rē-ACT workout different?

Rē-ACT is a full-body group workout that provides each individual with an easy method to track progress and reaction time using the latest technology.
We integrate game mechanics that make the workout more fun and engaging.

Our signature Rē-Act workout combines 5 key elements that create a multi-sensory brain-body training experience.

We will work on:

-- Strength and muscle tone

-- Speed and reaction time

-- Calorie burn & fat loss

-- Hand-eye coordination

Who is Rē-ACT for?
Rē-ACT is for everyone.
Whether you are a seasoned athlete training for a competition or a weekend warrior navigating through the race we call life, the Rē-ACT workout is for you.