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Dubai is a country which is very famous due to some reasons such as: beauty, rules, facillities, luxurious life, Business oportunities etc. That’s why there is a huge amount of foreigners. People come here for different purposes some of them are here only for fun because they get bored due to the daily routine work and they want to get rid of the daily routine work, but most of them are here for business purpose all these visitors are here only for a short span of time in every year. Because every business has ups and downs as well as the business men can’t stay at a place for a long time so they have to live in Dubai for some time. Some of them buy a apartment, house or a villa but most of them hired a apartment, house or villa on monthly or annual basis. Here we will discuss that why painting services in dubai is essential.
Why painting is essential in Dubai?
Very hot weather conditions
As you know that weather conditions in dubai is very hot as compared to other moderate areas of world. As you know that Dubai is almost build on desert or you can say that desert is quite near the Dubai. The sand has very unique property that the sand becomes hot very soon. Due to this the summer season is very bitter in Dubai the highest temperature of dubai in August 2022 is around 48.8 which is very hot. That’s why the buildings either residential or commercial have to be painted again and again from outside. As well as the warm air destroy the shine of colours from inside the wall colors fades away very soon. Due to this the shine or vibrant paints seems dull so the painting becomes necessory in this situation. In winter season due to ocean there is a lot of humidity in air which aslo cause to damage the colors.
Due to the rented apartments
According to the latest report Dubai becomes the 2nd most visited country in all over the world. The average number of visitors are around 15.93 million in last year. Most of the visitors are hire some house, apartment or villa for residence. Now when anyone hire some place he has to pay some extra money as security purpose which is returnable at the time when the hired person leave the place. So when someone hire any place then most of the time he/she want to decorate that place as he/she wish so the painting is the main thing in decoration. So he has to hire painters for this job and after some time when he/she have to leave that place then again as he want his security amount back from the landlord. During his/her stay at that rented place it is very common that the paint of that place damaged or just looks old with the passage of time. So if he/she leave the apartment in such condition then the landlord must charge some amount for painting purpose which must be more than the amount of work. That’s why the rented person have to hire someone for painting work so he/she can claim his/her money back from the landlord.
Benefits of painting in Dubai
New look
Painting work is done by two major reasons first one is that it is required because the old paint is damaged and looks very bad. Such type of painting is become the necessory thing and here mostly used low quality paint and painters. But the second type of painting is done only to give new makeover to his house,villa or apartment. In Dubai this is most common thing that the residents often change the color of their room or an individiual wall so that they can give a new look to their house or any commercial place. We at ProPainters providing this service from a long time ago and we have a lot of happy clients and google reviews. Our only focus is to provide the professional services so that we can provide more than we claim. So if you want to give a new look to your house, villa , apartment or any other commercial place you can contact us we try our best to fulfil your desired work in the same way as you want.
Charming environment
It is a natural thing that colors always spread a charming effect in every aspect of life. Just for an example a garden or a land full of flowers is much beautiful and charming for everyone as compared to a empty land. Same as painting create soothness and charming environment. Painting in offices or commercial places remove the fatigue of those working there. Same in domestic places house, villa or apratment every place of house has its own importance. Just as per our best experience most of the people like lite and soothing colors in their bedrooms because after the whole day work every one want to prepare himself for the next challenging day by taking rest. Overall we can say thay painting creates charming environment.
Why Pro Painters is Best Choice For Dubai Painting Services?
Use of Essential Tools (icon)
We use all the tools which are mostly ignored by other contractors. Painting rollers with rifel, new painting brushes for cutting, neat and dry clothes, paint brush cleaner, plastic bucket , plastic roller tray, paint roller extension pole etc. In the last we also use all the necessory tools which are used for precaution such as safty belt, safty helmet etc. These things are essential for a painter if he has to work on hieght.
Quality Work (icon)
The most important thing of our company is that we never compromise on the quality of our work. That is the main reason we have many regular clients we always try that we can deliver more than we comitted. To maintain the level of quality we have to spend some extra money for the use of precautionary steps and due to which we are able to leave the site as clean as it was. On the other hand we have best painters in dubai which are best in their work because they are doing the same job from a long time mostly the clients give some extra tip to them as a reward that is most joyful moment for them and for us also because after this we are satisfied that our costomer is happy with our service.
Color consultation ( free consult icon)
Mostly it happens that clients want to give makeover to their house, villa or apartment but they are confused in color selection. Because the colors give different look on kit and wall the clients usually select a color but when they apply that color on the wall then they don’t like it. At that moment they feel anxiety that what is happened by him. So don’t worry about that because we have a color consultant manager which can guide you if you want to consult him he must be there to help you and it is totally free of cost. He know about colors and their final look because it is his daily work. So don’t panic about that all you have to do is give us a call and let us solve your problem.
Happy Clients (smilie)
The most important instruction which is given to our workers and other team members is to leave the customer in pleasant mood. So that we have one more happy client. Client’s satisfaction is most important thing for us because we are doing this job for a long time ago and we have earned a reputation so we have to maintain our reputation level.
Service Time (clock icon)
ProPainters provide quality work in least time because we have many painters which are expert in this field as they are doing the same job from a long time. Mostly people have to face many problems in this regard. It is because some companies start work but they don’t have proper team members that’s why they can’t fulfil the work in the fixed time span which creates disturbance for the costomer.
Stress free Working Method (icon)
Our working method is quite different the most beautiful thing about our company is that the owner don’t need to stay on the site for his work supervision which is very essential while taking service from a company or contractor. But we offer you stress free working method when you discuss the whole work which you want and our site supervisor understand the whole work then you don’t need to worry about anything because the site supervisor monitor the whole work very carefully and hand over your work as you wish.
Experienced and Professional Team (icon)
We have most experienced and professional team members in Dubai. Now the amazing thing if you hire our painters for move out Painting then we will guarantee you the full security deposit. You can visit all the companies or contrators but no one can give you guarantee like us. We do so because we know about our painting services and our painters.
Neat and Clean Work (icon)
We fulfil all the necessory precautionary steps because we care about the costomer luggage. Before starting work we cover all these things with masking tape and plastic sheet if the apartment is furnish so that not a single thing could be damaged. After the completion of work when we remove all the stuff then no one can even judge that the same site is painted recently. Because we never left a single drop of paint in whole site.
Flexible Payment method( icon)
Our company has very flexible payment method when the deal is done then we never charge a single penny extra than that amount which is fixed. We charge fifty percent amount as advance because we have to buy the painting material and the remaining amount has other arrangements. Which is managed with the client as he/she feel easy to pay.
Reasonable Price (icon)
We have all pro qualities but still we have most reasonable price range which is starting from 650AED only. Yes we charge only 650AED for a one bedroom apartment with same color which is mostly white or off white with a quality paint like as Jotun. We charge 500AED only for a studio with best quality paint like as Jotun. If you look other companies it may be happen that someone charge less amount than us then remember one thing that there must be difference in paint quality or in painter as we discussed early that we have professional team members. Which are best in their work.
When I can receive the quote of my work?
On your request for a quote we will send you our quotation in only 1 hour and you have 24 hours to consult anyone or for decision meanwhile you can also visit our past work projects which are shown in our galery. Moreover you can visit our live projects there you can easily judge our working method and work quality. This must be helpful for you to take decision.
Can I change my booking or cancel it?
Yes you can change or cancel you booking untill your work is not started without the loss of a single penny. But if the work is started then you have to pay the amount which is spent on your project only. You can cancel it via email or simply call us on the given cell number.

Is quote is necessory or not?
It is totally up to you we have no problem with it. Usually the quote is demanded when the project is very huge or the project is given by a company. For a house, villa or apartment it is very rare that someone ask us for a quote.
Should we demand bill for our work?
If you want bill for your work then you should pay 5% extra of the total amount for vat. Now you can think what is the logic that vat should be charged with bill and not charged without bill. Let me explain actually we have two companies one is vat registered and the other one is without vat. If you demand bill then we put the order in that company and give you bill.
Is Vat registration is necessory for every company?
No it is not mendatory, actually every business is must be registered for vat if it imports supplies and the value of supplies is more than 375000AED per year.
Is it necssory to hire a professional painter?
Some people think that the painting is not very tough so they also can paint himself but when they do it then they know that this is not easy as they think in the last when they do it the wall shows different shades and despite of new paint the wall still looks very bad. So it is better to hire a professional one because he knows that before start painting he has to prepare the base of the wall and the right use of paint. So let him do his work.
What is the cost of painting in Dubai?
This is not a simple question because the price depends on many factors such as : area, painting material, labor cost and many more things but as an estimate we charge only 500AED for a studio and 650AED for one bedroom apartment with Jotun paint.
How do I pay for painting?
It is totally up to you, we make sure that which method is most easiest for our client you can pay by bank or by cash.
What is the payment method?
Our company policy is that we receive 50% as an advance because we have to manage the material which is required for your project. The remaining amount is depending upon the size of project if the project is huge then we receive half amount of the remianing in the mid of work and half at the end of the work but if the project is small then we can receive all the remaining amount in the end.