Precision Air Rental

87 Faulkland Crescent
Kings Park, NSW 2148

7:00 am to 5:00 pm

Precision Air Rental is one of the leading AC rental companies in Sydney. It provides portable AC on hire for many events and for personal use. From best-in class 4.5 KW portable AC to 6KW cooling units, Precision Air Rental has got it all. We stock the high-performance air conditioners for short and long-term rental. Whether you need a HVAC unit for your residential, commercial, industrial, or any event, our rental service is offered to all. With our years of experience, we are aware of the low noise operation’s importance for AC equipment. Complying with the health and safety regulations, we ensure to take care of every aspect while installing an AC. To know more about us, reach us on.
Location & Contact
87 Faulkland Crescent,
Kings Park, NSW, 2148
Tel. + 02 9626 6945), Hours: Weekdays 7am to 5pm