“Preamble is the identity card of the constitution”. How does the preamble showcase the features and

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The preamble of constitution is a statement that explains the document’s purpose and underlying philosophy. Preamble has been called the most important part of the constitution and has been dubbed as the identity card.

Features of Indian preamble

The Preamble is neither a source of power to legislature nor a prohibition upon the powers of legislature.
It is non-justiciable, that is, its provisions are not enforceable in courts of law.
Preamble as an identity card

The preamble declares India as a sovereign nation, which works independent of foreign influence. It has full powers to make its own laws.
The head of state in India (the President) is elected. This is different from countries such as UK and Australia where the head of state is hereditary.
The Indian constitution had features of secularism, which was implicitly mentioned. The 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act, 1976 added the word secular, making it explicit.
Indian constitution follows socialist principles, which is inspired by Gandhianism. The preamble strengthens the belief of India’s socialistic ideals.
Other roles of the preamble
The preamble acts as a direction for constitution to fulfil aspirations of the people within the boundaries determined by Constitution makers.

Thus, the preamble plays a major role ofenshrining the grand objectives and socio-economic goals contained in the constitution.