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Pinstadium, the industry leader in designing pinball mods and PCB boards for avid pinball collectors, now delivers lighting kits and mods for the popular Twilight Zone machine.

Twilight Zone is a wide-body Pinball Machine themed after the television series created by Rod Sterling. The game is popular across all genres and is still a favorite among avid game players.

Twilight Zone comes with a life-size gumball machine that locks balls inside, four flippers, a mechanical clock with rotating arms, a mini-playfield with invisible flippers. It also comes with a ceramic ball (known as a "Powerball") that is not affected by the game's stock magnets.

Pinstadium offers pinball playfield lighting upgrades to help customize your machine beyond the manufacture's original design. The company provides pinball mods and WiFi app controllable led lights to help replace the original incandescent bulbs that came with the original Twilight Zone machine. Installing them gives you a brighter and vibrant playfield even if you already have installed aftermarket LED lights for the GI and inserts. Easy-to-use and Easy-to-install, it makes it possible to upgrade your Twilight Zone pinball machine lighting without any tools required in under 15 minutes. This is perfect for the most prestigious collector and those new to the hobby.

Pin Stadium Lights will dramatically change the vibrancy of the Twilight Zone machine playfield, make playing much more fun. Adding them will not only add functionality to the game, but will also help you see into every corner of your machine by providing vivid illumination on your entire playfield. It also works to improve your progress and score as you get a clear, uninterrupted view of the entire playfield. The lighting kit helps to pop the beautiful artwork and brilliant colors that adorn your Twilight Zone machine. You would be surprised on how much amazing parts of the playfield that you don't really see.

Speaking about their product, the spokesperson at Pin Stadium said, "Complementing the immersive theme and exciting gameplay experience, Pin Stadium's powerful pinball mods help to improve the overall look of your machine, giving you immersive gameplay that is literally changing the face of pinball industry as we know it."

About Pin Stadium was formed from a simple idea to create a pinball LED lighting solution for pinball games to enhance the experience of an already awesome machine. The company offers custom-designed pinball lighting solutions to avid players, collectors, and streamers. Their product, Pin Stadium Lights, is a TWIPY award-winning pinball product of the year for a good reason!